What is Netbiscuits?

Netbiscuits Visitor ID, Device Detection and Analytics help digital marketers and web developers identify and improve user experiences across all devices. Customers now consume web content everywhere – on PCs, smartphones, tablets, phablets, SmartTVs and more. Now you can keep sight of a customer across all their devices, even without cookies, and ensure you deliver the right experience to the right device for increased engagement and conversion.

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The right experience for every device

Netbiscuits Device Detection is the world’s most accurate detection tool, giving developers and marketers complete confidence in making decisions about multiscreen content and how to deliver the best user experience on mobile devices. Unlike others, we don’t rely on third-party or open source libraries to build our database – our data is built and verified by our engineers.

With even the smallest shortfall in site performance causing a dramatic decline in business performance and punishing search results for poor mobile strategies, getting customers accurately to the right content experience across multiple screens is no longer optional.

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That's a lot of data!

The easy-to-action Smart Dashboard reports in Netbiscuits Analytics show which top-performing content to prioritize and where bounce rates point to content which isn’t engaging your visitors. This enables you to fix roadblocks and improve user experience. We’ve designed the dashboards specifically to be insight-packed but highly visual, so you don’t need a team of data scientists to interpret them.

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Sounds fantastic, how does it work?

Netbiscuits Analytics analyzes your web visitors using our unique combination of device and visitor context data. It’s then turned into highly visual reports specializing in multiscreen traffic, user journeys, bounce rates and conversion metrics. The data is presented in a way which makes it simple to put the findings into practice and optimize your content performance.

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Multiscreen expertise

Each dashboard contains a wealth of contextual visitor data such as time on page, bandwidth speeds, location, screen orientation, time of day and more. These are all benchmarked by device type, enabling you to drill down and decide which content works best for which visitors based on their individual context and device. Optimising your content marketing for multiscreen dramatically improves web traffic, content engagement and SEO results for searches carried out on mobile devices.

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