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Mobile-Friendly Optimization

Google recently announced that their search results are being ranked in part according to each web page’s mobile-friendliness. Netbiscuits Device Detection makes it easier to create a fast, efficient, mobile-friendly view to help your customers easily complete their objectives on your website. Netbiscuits understands mobile customers. We can provide support and assistance in designing your mobile-friendly site. Additionally, our Netbiscuits Analytics tool helps you to track your company’s performance.

What we do

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Device Detection

New simplified interface released May 2016. Netbiscuits Device Detection gives developers access to the world’s most accurate device library. It is the foundation for taking responsive web design to the next level and gives you full control to deliver the optimal user experience on every device.

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The easy-to-action Smart Dashboard reports in Netbiscuits Analytics show you if your web products work properly across devices, browsers and operating systems or if your visitors run into issues you are not aware of. It is the foundation for improving your conversion rates and other KPIs across all devices.

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Visitor ID

Netbiscuits Visitor ID is a cross-device visitor identification solution, which enables you to deliver personalized content to your visitors across multiple devices without login requirements. It is the foundation for creating and optimizing a cross device customer experience journey.

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Enhanced Responsive Web – Strategy, Design & Implementation

Adaptive / responsive / liquid web, device detection, client- or server-side adaptation, device type-based routing? We help you navigate this space and identify the right strategy for your requirements, working with your team to design and implement your enhanced responsive web sites or applications.

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Device & Web Analytics Services

Our global web traffic and device library provide a solid basis for data-driven optimization decisions. We work with you to optimize conversion and other KPIs of your web & mobile products across all devices, browsers and operating systems.

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Multiple Device Testing & Quality Control

Only Netbiscuits offers testing and quality control service of your web & mobile products against the world’s most accurate device library. Benefit from our expertise to improve your customer experience journey and increase your conversion rates.

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Netbiscuits Quick Check

We would like to make it easy for you to quickly benefit from our expertise!

Netbiscuits Quick Check is a special offer to give you the data you should have to answer the following questions: Do your web assets work properly across devices, browsers, and operating systems or do your web visitors run into issues you are not aware of? And if so, how can these issues be fixed to further improve your conversion rates and other KPIs?

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