About Us

Who we are

Netbiscuits provides digital marketers and web developers with analytics and device detection tools to quickly visualize, measure and improve visitor engagement and conversion for the multiscreen world. It’s been quite a journey since we first arrived in 2000, but our heritage in mobile and expertise in helping brands create brilliant web experiences for any device means we understand digital marketing challenges better than most.

We could talk for hours about what we do, but in a 30 second snapshot: we give digital marketers actionable data on how web visitors engage with their content; how the device they are using and the context it is used in impacts how a customer behaves online; and how marketers and site owners can understand why their content is failing to drive conversions and, more importantly, what they can do about it.

For web developers, we’ve packed 15 years of in-depth testing expertise into creating the industry’s most advanced device database. We provide developers with the most accurate device detection service on the market, so they can detect visitor device information and context in an instant, before delivering a user experience that meets, or even exceeds, their visitors’ expectations.