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3 Ways to Get Ready For Google’s Mobile-Friendly Changes

Google is moving the goalposts in favour of users on mobile devices. This is a Very Good Thing for the majority of consumers. But how do you make your mobile experience as fast, fresh and fabulous as your users demand. 3 quick and easy ways to start getting your site in shape for Google’s forthcoming update.

Content marketers and the road to better engagement

Marketers today face a tougher challenge in keeping customers interested in their stories than ever before. The rise of mobile browsing and the proliferation of screen sizes and types have put the consumer firmly at the centre of the digital universe. Here, Jon Simmonds looks at a new tool that can help marketers better understand how their content is performing by looking at the whole visitor journey on their website

The Importance of Measuring Content Marketing ROI

Getting content marketing right in today’s multi-screen world isn’t easy. As marketers look to improve website engagement, they need to understand who their visitors are, the context of their user engagement and the type of device they are connecting with to optimize and excel at content marketing. Here, Daniel Weisbeck, CEO, Netbiscuits talks about how understanding the user journey on your website just got a whole lot easier.

WordPress Analytics: Get Smarter with Netbiscuits PlugIn

WordPress continues to attract consumers and businesses as THE platform for simple, yet powerful web development. Netbiscuits has launched an official plugin, giving easy access to its Mobile Analytics solution and allows WordPress users to track visitor behaviour and understand how effective their content is.

Apple Pay to Become the Core of Mobile Commerce

Almost a month ago, Apple had one of its biggest launch events to date. Forget the new iPhone device for just one second, it was the announcement of Apple Pay and the Apple Watch that really captured my imagination. Beyond the early morning, high street queues and social media hysteria, I’d like to take a look at the wider potential impact this announcement could have on the mobile web. Because let’s make no mistake, Apple Pay is in a position to change the mobile web and e-commerce forever, such is the strength of the company’s mobile payment ecosystem.

Netbiscuits View on the IFA 2014 – The Future is smart, are you?

Consumer products are getting smarter and smarter, encouraging us to use our time more effectively, be more productive and engage only with the content we like. Smartphones, SmartTVs and increasingly Smart Homes have become part of everyday life. More and more wearables, smart cameras, smart cars and numerous other connected devices are joining those already... Read more »

5 steps for mobile analytics

Five simple ways to ensure you succeed with mobile analytics Today’s web is not a journey towards mobile – we’ve arrived there already. It’s a complex world, where users connect via multiple devices, with three or four devices being the norm rather than the exception. Consumers often have a personal, intricate relationship with their devices,... Read more »

Why is mobile analytics important?

Old School Marketing Meets Mobile Analytics – A New Approach For an Old Problem Web Analytics has been a recognised digital marketing discipline for well over a decade and provides essential insight into web visitor behaviour and lead generation campaign effectiveness.  The capabilities on offer range from the simple tracking of page visits through to... Read more »

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