Technical Writer

Role Overview
By writing exciting as well as comprehensive documentation you will make the world understand Netbiscuits’ analytics and device detection technology. You will be the mastermind behind Netbiscuits technical collateral, documentation, white papers, in-product tours and training material. Your verbal and graphical documents will be relevant to technical novices as well as mobile geeks. Online tutorials you develop are crucial for attracting and growing the Netbiscuits user base around the globe. Read more >>

Lead Engineer DevOps and IT

Role Overview
As Lead Engineer DevOps and IT you will be responsible for operating the Netbiscuits Cloud infrastructure and internal IT systems. You will be closely working with our Cloud Computing providers to evaluate, implement and maintain technical solutions that power our device detection and mobile analytics products. You will be leading projects to consolidate existing infrastructure and to investigate new technologies to enable new features build by our development team. An important part of your role will also be to design architectures to automate deployment and scaling of our Cloud infrastructure.

You combine advanced experience in working with cloud technologies and frameworks with very good skills in system administration, configuration management and cloud automation. You are eager to extend your knowledge in this area and apply it to our products to provide our Software Development team to create and deploy robust, scalable, secure and supportable services into production. Read more >>

Die Position
Als Lead Engineer DevOps and IT sind Sie verantwortlich für den Betrieb unserer Netbiscuits Cloud Infrastuktur und interner IT Systeme. Sie evaluieren, implementieren und betreiben Architekturen für unsere Device Detection und Mobile Analytics Produkte. Hierbei arbeiten Sie eng mit unseren Cloud Computing Anbietern und unserem Entwickler-Team zusammen. Sie leiten Projekte, um existierende Infrastruktur zu konsolidieren, und um neue Technologien zu evaluieren. Ein wichtiger Teil Ihrer neuen Rolle beinhaltet das Erstellen von Architekturen zur Automatisierung von Cloud Deployments und Scaling. Mehr Informationen >>