introducing device detection

Accurate and detailed device information

Device Detection is a service used by thousands of websites as part of both Responsive Web Design (RWD) and dedicated mobile site developments to speed up page load times and adapt content or functionality to the visitor’s device, addressing the performance challenges often associated with RWD.

By identifying all the information relating to the visitor’s device in an instant, Device Detection can ensure only the right images, code and functionality are used, significantly reducing web site loading time for the visitor. Using the server to identify device characteristics, the website’s content, features and UI elements, can be adapted as part of a highly targeted user experience.

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the world's most accurate device library for Apple and Android devices

Netbiscuits Vault℠

  • Based on the Vault℠, the Netbiscuits device library contains devices from feature phones, smartphones and tablets, to Smart TVs and wearable devices, developed in-house since 2000
  • The leading device detection service for Apple device detail – including individual iPhone versions – and Android browsers, where other device libraries can have significant error rates
  • Device profiles are based on unique combinations of hardware, operating system – down to ‘dot-release’ versions – and browser
  • Device data can be accessed using open standards via a web services API interface, a Java module or a jQuery plug-in, providing multiple integration options

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advanced client-side detection

Detect, client-side device data for the most intelligent routing content adaptation

  • Client-side data provides some of the most actionable device information to web developers and marketers as they provide visitor context
  • Netbiscuits Device Detection can identify and benchmark client-side data such as bandwidth quality at point of connection and advanced location information
  • Web content and features are adapted based on real-time contextual information, delivering targeted experiences that improve engagement

>> An overview of Netbiscuits parameters (PDF)

define target profiles

Create custom clusters

  • Allows selection of device parameters to be grouped together to create ‘custom clusters’ – ideal for testing website performance across the most frequently used devices hitting your website
  • Long lists of device data don’t provide actionable information – custom clusters enable you to define your target profiles based on what matters to you
  • These unique segments enable your website to immediately detect and route your mobile traffic with the highest level of accuracy, identifying groups of visitors for targeting purposes

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