Device Detection

Use device and context data to deliver better user experiences

In today’s multiscreen world, it’s more important than ever for developers and marketers to understand the exact devices visitors are using to access their website.

Using the most accurate device database in the industry, Netbiscuits Device Detection delivers highly detailed information on the devices your visitors are using; from feature phones, smartphones and tablets, right through to the latest Smart TVs and wearable devices.


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“We had heard of the potential benefits of device detection and road tested a number of industry tools. Netbiscuits was comfortably the most accurate.”
– James Leslie, VP Professional Services at Transversal.

Optimize your mobile user experience

Ultra-accurate device detection enables you to optimize your multiscreen user experience for all devices visitors use to access your site. Increase conversion rates, goal completions and customer satisfaction by delivering tailored content to each particular device, whether mobile or desktop.

Netbiscuits Device Detection provides unrivalled contextual data about visitors, ensuring that you know precisely which content will perform best for them at any given point. This includes bandwidth, screen size & orientation, browser and OS capabilities, geographical data and behavioral metrics amongst many others.

Device Routing

Netbiscuits device routing is a simple, easy-to-install feature for routing your web traffic to the right website or page based on the user’s device type, be it a smartphone, tablet, feature phone or PC. Our routing solution is updated every week with the latest mobile device profiles, OS updates and browser updates to ensure each device category is always up-to date and highly accurate.

Why does it matter? It improves your mobile SEO for Google’s new mobile search requirements. Google now penalizes websites that don’t send mobile visitors to the right web experience for their device. If you run separate mobile and desktop sites, you need fast, accurate device routing to ensure you get scored highly by Google and maintain the best search ranking possible.

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How device detection works in a nutshell

First, your website receives a request for a page from a user’s mobile device. Netbiscuits Device Detection then queries its database of several hundred thousand combinations of device make, model, manufacturer, operating system and browser to identify the precise capabilities of the user’s device.

Within a fraction of a second, Netbiscuits delivers this data to your site, including real-time information on the context of that individual visitor. Your site then uses all this information to deliver only those content elements which are optimized for that specific device type in that specific context, ensuring optimum website performance and seamless user experience.

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Which type of device detection is right for you?

We offer Server-to-Server, Client-side and On-premise setups.

Server-to-Server solutions include our Java implementation and our PHP implementation. Our Client-side solution works with a JavaScript implementation, while the On-premise option can be set up with either our Java or .NET implementation.

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Device Detection features in full

Context-specific data

Context-specific data

We detect detailed information on each visitor’s specific context – such as bandwidth, location and referral source amongst many other factors. Matching your content to these attributes enables you to greatly improve the user experience on your site.

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Improve website performance

Improve website performance

Knowing a visitor’s device and context data lets you deliver only the required elements, thereby speeding up page load times for both Responsive Web Design (RWD) and dedicated website developments. That, in turn, addresses the performance challenges so often associated with RWD.

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Unrivalled accuracy

Unrivalled accuracy

Where other device libraries fall short on accuracy and have significant error rates, we provide the industry’s leading device detection tool – which means you can be completely confident about the devices that hit your website and what that means for content creation and the user experience.

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Improve user experience

Improve user experience

With multiscreen user journeys fast becoming the norm, understanding those devices and their impact on user experience is no longer optional. Even the smallest increases in site performance and content delivery have been proven to make dramatic improvements in business performance.

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Partnering with Netbiscuits

We’re also happy to make Netbiscuits Analytics and Device Detection available for you to add to your portfolio of services. Our current partners include mobile web agencies, system integrators and CRM providers. We have different OEM models tailored to your business requirements – please contact our sales team to discuss which is best for you.

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