Knowledge base

Knowledge base

Welcome to the Netbiscuits Knowledge base. The Knowledge base is split into two main sections:

  1. Netbiscuits Analytics
    Mobile Analytics provides a solution for companies looking for the insights needed to keep web properties optimized for mobile.¬†How do you get up and running quickly with Mobile Analytics? We’ve made it as simple as possible to jump right in and start looking at the type of devices that are viewing your website. Once you have added the code from the Quick Start Overlay into your website’s HTML and uploaded to your site, Mobile Analytics should start being recorded in five minutes.
  2. Netbiscuits Device Detection
    The Device Detection is designed for developers to use as part of a Responsive Web Design project, or for sites dedicated to separate device classes. Based on device detection, it provides a set of server-side components that enable the adaptation of web content and design to deliver the most engaging experience possible.

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Implementing Netbiscuits Analytics

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