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Netbiscuits Analytics (Marketers guide)

Welcome to Netbiscuits Analytics.

Big data, even that generated only by a single website, can be daunting. With traditional Analytics tools, it’s difficult to know where to begin with dissecting your users and their habits, the multitude of possible devices they may be using, let alone their bandwidth, screen size, operating system and so on.


Netbiscuits Analytics takes this information, along with your site-side statistics like bounce rate and conversion, and presents it in a tile-based system that’s immediately recognizable and intuitive. Deep insights can be extracted in just a few clicks; detailed data can be uncovered and exported. Netbiscuits Analytics provides the insight that could require a trained analyst to extract from other Analytics tools.

For more information getting started, see the Implementation Guide, found here.

Once Netbiscuits Analytics is installed, find out how to start interpreting your data using the topics below.



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