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28 Aug 2014|Posted by Daniel Weisbeck

Five Ways to Tell if Your Web is Mobile Ready

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Five Steps to Mobile Web Heaven Netbiscuits COO Daniel Weisbeck offers five top tips on how to win on today’s mobile web It’s not commonplace, but every so often, businesses tell me that their mobile traffic is still too low for them to make it a priority over the traditional PC web. In truth, the... Read more »


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19 Aug 2014|Posted by Deborah Thomas

Netbiscuits Launches Three-Step Device Routing Tool for Mobile Websites

Netbiscuits Device Routing: Simple, straightforward, enterprise-grade solution for companies of all sizes to route web traffic, based on device type Beyond Responsive Web Design: Powerful tool focuses beyond just layout and screen size components to help brands develop bespoke mobile sites for the multi-device world The Netbiscuits Vault: The industry’s fastest, most accurate device library... Read more »

29 Jul 2014|Posted by Deborah Thomas

Rise of the Local Challengers: Disruptors Battle Apple and Samsung Mobile Domination

Fractured mobile landscape: Asian device fragmentation trend hits Europe with Wiko and bq gaining traction Emergence of the Visual Society: Bigger is better, as consumers screen sizes reflect their desire for the optimum visual experience LTE’s chequered adoption: South Korea and USA lead the march but connection issue runs deeper than availability of 4G service... Read more »

24 Jul 2014|Posted by Aaron Grogg

Moving Beyond the Responsive Web to the Adaptive Web

“Originally published July 15, 2014 at sitepoint“   Let’s get started with responsive web design. No web developer today should be unfamiliar with the concept of responsive web design (RWD). Since the term was coined by Ethan Marcotte in May of 2010, the concept has been accepted as a best practice, the process has matured, and multiple... Read more »


19 Jun 2014|Posted by Duncan Clark

Prediction is Futile: Mobile, Guesswork and the Wonder of the World Cup

Whether you’re a football fan or not, you can’t help but have been captivated with the last seven days’ World Cup action, as the greatest sporting show on earth has shocked and surprised with some crazy results and performances. While some of the big guns have delivered on their promise, other predictions have been blown... Read more »


13 Jun 2014|Posted by Duncan Clark

Netbiscuits World Cup Top Match Day Two

Today’s first match sees Mexico take on Cameroon. Mexico has never beaten a team from Africa yet in the World Cup, however, the BBCs pundit Mark Lawrenson sees them edging it one goal to nil, while International Business Times predicts 2-1 in favour of Mexico. We also have a win for Mexico in the Netbiscuits... Read more »


12 Jun 2014|Posted by Duncan Clark

Classy Croatia Trump Brazil in Netbiscuits World Cup Top Match

Welcome to Netbiscuits World Cup Top Match, where we’ll be pitching participating countries head to head, not for their footballing skills, but to compare the mobile web experience in each nation. We’ll be sizing up mobile capabilities in each region, based on data from Netbiscuits Analytics to see which teams are on the road to... Read more »

29 May 2014|Posted by Christian Klein

Google Project Ara – (r)evolution of the mobile phone?

We’re all au fait on open source in the software world, but Google’s leap into the world of modular mobile handsets is a new and exciting frontier. Here, Netbiscuits Christian Klein discusses a move that could change the way we think about our smartphones forever. You cannot fault Google’s ambition. Despite most people in the... Read more »

20 May 2014|Posted by Deborah Thomas

Creating ‘the perfect mobile ride’ with Netbiscuits

Optimize and customize: The Netbiscuits Platform has been selected by BMW Motorrad to provide global customers with an optimized mobile web experience and premium content tailored to their  smart phone capabilities Better together: CMO/CIO collaboration builds ‘mobile-first’ web strategy that will transform how content is consumed by mobile devices Everything mobile: React and adapt to... Read more »

14 May 2014|Posted by Duncan Clark

Sleepy Spanish Sofa Surfers and US Night Owls: Mobile Personas Can Uncover User Behaviors on the Mobile Web That Drive Engagement

It’s no secret that Europeans and Americans live different lifestyles. And our latest Web Trends Report proves that is true for mobile use as well. While US mobile users browse one more in the morning, our good friends in Spain notoriously partial to an afternoon siesta and a late evening dinner, find themselves power browsing... Read more »