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09 Apr 2014|Posted by Michael Neidhoefer  

A freemium revolution in the new age of marketing

Netbiscuits Mobile Analytics Dashboard

April 9 is a big day for Netbiscuits and for the mobile market. Today, we are announcing free versions of our Mobile Analytics and Device Detection tools, giving marketers at companies of all sizes the power to better understand how device capability and context impact user behavior and ultimately conversion on their mobile website.

24 Mar 2014|Posted by Duncan Clark  

Africa calling: Mobile, Analytics and the Namibian Mobile Web


At Netbiscuits, we’re often approached with unusual requests that benefit our customers. From long-time collaborators like Coca-Cola, to recently acquired customers like BMW, and other new prospects we’re talking to, it’s always interesting to see just what their data requirements entail. The good news is, we just happen to have a best-in-class Mobile Analytics solution... Read more »

18 Mar 2014|Posted by Simon Witkiss  

When is an iPhone™ not an iPhone?


When is an iPhone not an iPhone? Well, contrary to popular belief, all smartphones are not created equal, and that means a very different end-user experience. Simon Witkiss looks at the importance of device detection within the mobile world, and why that matters to marketers.

28 Feb 2014|Posted by Daniel Weisbeck  

Catalonia Calling: MWC 2014 under the spotlight


Madness descended upon Barcelona once again this week as the MWC circus brought the biggest and brightest from the mobile world to Spain. Daniel Weisbeck assesses some of the biggest news from the show from the relative safety of Netbiscuits HQ.

21 Feb 2014|Posted by Daniel Weisbeck  

Suits You, Sir: Wearables and the end of business tweed as we know it?

Suits you sir image

Wearables have dominated the IT/Marketing media agenda for the last six months, but what are the barriers to adoption. Netbiscuits’ Daniel Weisbeck takes a look the relationship between fashion and technology when it comes to driving business innovation.

17 Feb 2014|Posted by Simon Witkiss  

Device Analytics: One Billion Hits & Rising

device analytics blog image

As the Netbiscuits Device Analytics clocks up its one billionth page impression, Simon Witkiss takes a look at some of the surprising devices accessing the platform and also explores the consumerization of big data in relation to the phenomenon of wearables.

13 Feb 2014|Posted by Daniel Weisbeck  

Is Mayer aiming for ‘mobile first’ in Yahoo’s search engine renaissance?

Marissa mayer image

As Yahoo looks to make up ground on some of its competitors, CEO Marissa Mayer is rumoured to be hedging her bets on mobile as the way to transform the company’s fortunes. Netbiscuits CMO Daniel Weisbeck looks at the rumor mill and what’s next for Yahoo.

06 Feb 2014|Posted by Michael Neidhoefer  

Q&A with Netbiscuits CEO Michael Neidhoefer

Michael Neidhoefer blog image

2014 is set to be another year in which mobile dominates the agenda in the technology world. We caught up with CEO Michael Neidhoefer to learn more about the business, its journey and what the next 12 months holds for Netbiscuits. Q: For those who are not aware, who are Netbiscuits and what do you... Read more »

04 Feb 2014|Posted by Peter Felber  

Think user experience, not technology

Think user experience, not technology.

There is something really strange going on at the moment in mobile web development. With a lot of chatter in the media, many marketers are demanding that their new mobile enabled web site is built around a certain technology, namely Responsive Web Design (RWD). Why is that? In the past, were you ever concerned if... Read more »

13 Jan 2014|Posted by Daniel Weisbeck  

Viva Las Vegas, Wearables and why ‘Context is King’ in 2014


From film director Michael Bay’s on-stage meltdown, to Samsung’s curvaceous TVs and every ‘smart’ device under the sun, CES 2014 has certainly kicked off the year with a bang. As expected, wearables have dominated much of the CES conversation. LG presented headphones which can track user heart rate and Sony unveiled Core, which measures walking,... Read more »