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04 Mar 2015|Posted by Deborah Thomas

Netbiscuits Visitor Flow Maps Multiscreen Content Engagement for Marketers

Netbiscuits today launched Visitor Flow for Customer Journey Mapping. The tool goes beyond traditional analytics by allowing marketers to quickly and easily see which content is driving the highest traffic to their websites, broken down by multiscreen categories, how visitors are moving through their website and how user engagement changes across different pages and types of content, such as video, downloads and photos.

25 Nov 2014|Posted by Deborah Thomas

Netbiscuits sees 23% increase in unique mobile devices, Q3 Web Trends Report

Marketers must address multi-channel device world to satisfy demanding consumers In Q3, over 5,000 unique devices were tracked by Netbiscuits Mobile Analytics, up 23% on Q2 Android top of the Christmas wishlist, as cut-price devices capture consumer imagination Phablets double share of smartphone traffic in 6 months, as pressure falls on marketers to deliver ‘phab’... Read more »

28 Oct 2014|Posted by Deborah Thomas

Brand Loyalty ‘Dead’ on the Mobile Web – Netbiscuits People’s Web Report II

91% of consumers surveyed will turn to a rival brand if mobile site inadequate Millenials ‘promote or punish’ ethos creates huge mobile challenge for brands 96% claim the mobile web is failing them, as consumers seek to do more on the move Tightrope for brands, as consumers exchange privacy for experience, but say ‘don’t be... Read more »

08 Oct 2014|Posted by Deborah Thomas

Netbiscuits Launches Smart Analytics Dashboards to Unlock Mobile Marketing Intelligence

Mobile Analytics tools combine device and contextual data to improve web visitor insight, reduce bounce and increase conversion Powerful User Interface allows marketers to quickly and easily display mobile data on intuitive and smart dashboards Netbiscuits today handed marketers at companies of all sizes the solution to finally unlock the potential of mobile. A Netbiscuits... Read more »

16 Sep 2014|Posted by Deborah Thomas

Netbiscuits Board Names Daniel Weisbeck Next CEO

Current CEO Michael Neidhoefer assumes the role of non-Executive Chairman of the Board Netbiscuits today announced the appointment of Daniel Weisbeck to Chief Executive Officer and member of the Board of Directors. Daniel previously held the position of CMO at Netbiscuits and in September of 2013 took on the additional role of COO. Daniel succeeds... Read more »
Device Detection-Launch Hero-FINAL

19 Aug 2014|Posted by Deborah Thomas

Netbiscuits Launches Three-Step Device Routing Tool for Mobile Websites

Netbiscuits Device Routing: Simple, straightforward, enterprise-grade solution for companies of all sizes to route web traffic, based on device type Beyond Responsive Web Design: Powerful tool focuses beyond just layout and screen size components to help brands develop bespoke mobile sites for the multi-device world The Netbiscuits Vault: The industry’s fastest, most accurate device library... Read more »

29 Jul 2014|Posted by Deborah Thomas

Rise of the Local Challengers: Disruptors Battle Apple and Samsung Mobile Domination

Fractured mobile landscape: Asian device fragmentation trend hits Europe with Wiko and bq gaining traction Emergence of the Visual Society: Bigger is better, as consumers screen sizes reflect their desire for the optimum visual experience LTE’s chequered adoption: South Korea and USA lead the march but connection issue runs deeper than availability of 4G service... Read more »

20 May 2014|Posted by Deborah Thomas

Creating ‘the perfect mobile ride’ with Netbiscuits

Optimize and customize: The Netbiscuits Platform has been selected by BMW Motorrad to provide global customers with an optimized mobile web experience and premium content tailored to their  smart phone capabilities Better together: CMO/CIO collaboration builds ‘mobile-first’ web strategy that will transform how content is consumed by mobile devices Everything mobile: React and adapt to... Read more »

14 May 2014|Posted by Deborah Thomas

Culture and Context Define Mobile Web Behavior, Netbiscuits Web Trends Report

Q1 research uncovers an increasingly sophisticated global mobile web Overview of 242 countries unlocks the secrets of mobile personas US mobile users are the most consistently connected on today’s sophisticated mobile web Sleepy Spanish Sofa Surfers and US Night Owls demonstrate diversity of mobile web use Netbiscuits today released its Web Trends Report for Q1... Read more »

12 May 2014|Posted by Deborah Thomas

Marketers Push Mobile to Number One Priority for 2014, Netbiscuits Study

Less than half of brands exploring customer mobile behavior through desktop web analytics Over three quarters of respondents planning mobile-focused websites in the next 12 months Visitor personas and device awareness key to understanding mobile behavior and engagement Netbiscuits has today released the results from a study of UK marketers which found that 70.9% are... Read more »