02 Dec 2014

Using analytics to get the most out of your mobile website

A short video explaining how to get the most out of your mobile web projects and campaigns by reducing bounce, improving conversion and maximizing return on investment.

02 Dec 2014

Why is it important to know your web traffic?

Find out why understanding mobile web traffic patterns is so important. Netbiscuits smart dashboards do all the heavy lifting data analysis for you, providing intuitive visualizations of web visitor patterns and how they impact traffic, bounce and conversion goals.

02 Dec 2014

Why is your bounce rate high for mobile devices?

Bounce rate is generally higher on mobile devices. And marketers will also find that bounce rate is higher on certain devices compared to others. Find out more about how to turn this information to your advantage.

02 Dec 2014

How can analytics help improve your mobile strategy?

At the moment, too much on the mobile web is based on guesswork and that can lead to poor investment decisions or failed return on investment. Find out how analytics can eliminate the guesswork and increase chances of success.
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08 Oct 2014

Mobile Analytics Overview

Netbiscuits Director of Global Product Marketing, Anthony Payne gives an overview of Netbiscuits Mobile Analytics. Understand how Netbiscuits smart dashboards do the data analysis for you, providing intuitive visualizations of web visitor patterns across traffic, bounce and conversion goals, turning big data headaches into easy-to-use marketing insights.

08 Oct 2014

Netbiscuits Smart Analytics Dashboards

Netbiscuits CEO, Daniel Weisbeck introduces new analytics dashboards to unlock mobile marketing intelligence. Learn how mobile analytics tools combine device and contextual data to improve web visitor insight, reduce bounce and increase conversion.
Web-Trends-Report-Q2-2014 video still

29 Jul 2014

Web Trends Report Q2 2014

As we head into Q3, 2014, Netbiscuits Anthony Payne and Duncan Clark take a look at some of the key findings from the Q2 Web Trends Report, including the continued success of local vendors Wiko and bq in France and Spain. As screen sizes continue to divide opinion among consumers, Netbiscuits explores a surge in... Read more »
An Introduction to Netbiscuits

19 May 2014

An Introduction to Netbiscuits

Netbiscuits is a global leader in mobile analytics and device detection. Netbiscuits Mobile Analytics gives you everything you need to know about visitor personas. From their behaviour on mobile, to device attributes such as screen size, we help customers analyze their web traffic and track engagement metrics such as bounce rates, abandonments, and conversion success.... Read more »
Analytics video still

09 Apr 2014

Introducing Netbiscuits Mobile Analytics & Device Detection

Netbiscuits COO & CMO, Daniel Weisbeck encourages marketers in businesses of all sizes to reconnect with mobile consumers on a deeper level by announcing the availability of a free-to-subscribe version of Netbiscuits Mobile Analytics and Device Detection products.
Integration with Google Analytics still

09 Apr 2014

Integrating Mobile Analytics with Google Analytics

Marketers now have the ability to augment the mobile metrics they get from Google Analytics. By importing the data from Netbiscuits Mobile Analytics in to your instance of the tool, you can conduct end-to-end ‘funnel’ analysis. Netbiscuits Director of Global Product Marketing, Anthony Payne, shows some examples of how to create Google Analytics custom reports... Read more »