Web-Trends-Report-Q2-2014 video still

29 Jul 2014

Web Trends Report Q2 2014

As we head into Q3, 2014, Netbiscuits Anthony Payne and Duncan Clark take a look at some of the key findings from the Q2 Web Trends Report, including the continued success of local vendors Wiko and bq in France and Spain. As screen sizes continue to divide opinion among consumers, Netbiscuits explores a surge in... Read more »

An Introduction to Netbiscuits

19 May 2014

An Introduction to Netbiscuits

Netbiscuits is a global leader in mobile analytics and device detection. Netbiscuits Mobile Analytics gives you everything you need to know about visitor personas. From their behaviour on mobile, to device attributes such as screen size, we help customers analyze their web traffic and track engagement metrics such as bounce rates, abandonments, and conversion success.... Read more »

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09 Apr 2014

Introducing Netbiscuits Mobile Analytics & Device Detection

Netbiscuits COO & CMO, Daniel Weisbeck encourages marketers in businesses of all sizes to reconnect with mobile consumers on a deeper level by announcing the availability of a free-to-subscribe version of Netbiscuits Mobile Analytics and Device Detection products.

Integration with Google Analytics still

09 Apr 2014

Integrating Mobile Analytics with Google Analytics

Marketers now have the ability to augment the mobile metrics they get from Google Analytics. By importing the data from Netbiscuits Mobile Analytics in to your instance of the tool, you can conduct end-to-end ‘funnel’ analysis. Netbiscuits Director of Global Product Marketing, Anthony Payne, shows some examples of how to create Google Analytics custom reports... Read more »

Using Netbiscuits Mobile Analytics still

09 Apr 2014

Using Netbiscuits Mobile Analytics

Using mobile analytics insights to effectively engage with mobile visitors in a multi-device and multi-context world. From capturing accurate device information, to integrating mobile data with Google Analytics for complete funnel analysis, and contextualizing insights into user personas, Netbiscuits Director of Global Product Marketing, Anthony Payne provides an overview on how to get the best... Read more »


09 Apr 2014

Mobile Analytics Demo

Netbiscuits Product Manager Suzanne Van Tienen gives an overview of Netbiscuits Mobile Analytics. Understand how you can better profile and analyze your mobile web traffic through device information, standard and customized reports.

Why Mobile Analytics still

09 Apr 2014

Why Mobile Analytics?

Netbiscuits Director of Global Product Marketing, Anthony Payne discusses some general themes around our relationship with desktop analytics, and how it falls short when compared to using a solution that is mobile-specific to analyze and track mobile visitor behaviors.

Power of Mobile Personas

09 Apr 2014

The Power of Mobile Personas

Netbiscuits Director of Global Product Marketing Anthony Payne takes a closer look at mobile visitor personas, explaining how to combine customer preferences and behavioral data to create deeper insights in to consumer behavior on mobile.

Netbiscuits Analytics

13 Dec 2013

CMO & COO Daniel Weisbeck Talking Analytics At The GigaOm Mobilize Event

An effective mobile marketing strategy takes in to account a variety of factors, such as: page impressions, unique visitors, session duration, basket abandonment, conversion and revenue tracking, combining these with event statistics that include media plays, trigger-calls, clicks and form submissions to give a complete picture of user behavior. CMO & COO, Daniel Weisbeck explains... Read more »

Netbiscuits Mobilize

22 Oct 2013

Netbiscuits Mobilize

As the web goes mobile, a vast new set of data is available to marketers. By its very nature, mobile web analytics has more variables and is considerably more complex than the largely static desktop web, but it also offers brands far greater insight into their customers. Michael Neidhoefer, the CEO of Netbiscuits, will discuss... Read more »