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Media & Broadcasting

Mobile friendly site software for media brands & publishers

Today, the mobile web is the primary destination for consumers seeking the latest news on current affairs, entertainment, celebrity, music and more. Whether they’re looking for in-depth articles, celebrity gossip, TV show information or just to share all of the above on social media, mobile has become a vital channel to communicate with customers.

Consumer expectation is at an all time high; the mobile web experience has to work; every click, every tap, every swipe, every image, every video, needs to work across the wide range of devices customers use to connect to mobile websites.

Impatient customers

Not only does it need to look good and work, but it also needs to be fast! Global research shows that customers will only wait a few seconds for pages to download or videos to play. So how can media brands and publishers cater for the demands of customers on all their devices; as well as managing an ever increasing library of content, while delivering the richest mobile web experience possible?

From global media brands and publishers to regional and national publishers, these organizations have seen incredible success, both in terms of operational efficiency and the delivery of a quality mobile web brand experience.

Context is key

Delivering relevant content and information to end-users is more important than ever. Today, Netbiscuits enables media brands and publishers to deliver content and information based on their device and context. It’s now possible to tailor content based on location and bandwidth, so our clients can truly deliver a targeted mobile experience with relevant content such as local news and information.

Looking beyond today, using Netbiscuits mobile solutions means brands don’t need to worry about introducing new content or compatibility with new devices coming into the market – mobile sites built using Mobile Analytics and Device Detection are fully future-proofed. Understanding the performance of mobile websites is key. With Netbiscuits, media brands and publishers get detailed analytical data, providing rich insight into the use of mobile websites. This further enables optimization of sites, based on the browser and their mobile device preferences.


Media & Broadcasting