CMOs vs CIOs: The Fight for Mobile Web Strategy

 Drawing the battle lines: why the fight?

  • Over half (51%) of CMOs surveyed believe they should acquire more ownership ahead of the CIO.
  • Other C-level executives (30%) believe there is room for joint ownership between the CMO and CIO.
  • CMOs and CIOs are united by a common goal of wanting to deliver a positive mobile web experience for all.

In collaboration with Vanson Bourne, the research conducted by Netbiscuits identified a number of areas where both the CMO and CIO functions had clear advantages and disadvantages, when combined, could create the optimal approach to developing a mobile web strategy. One example of this is where testing is concerned. 74% of CIOs surveyed consider testing –a priority to ensuring broad reach across the multitude of connected devices- as critical, or very important to improving the customer experience, but only 50% of CMOs expressed a clear focus on testing implementation.

Mobile web strategy must be based on clear, common business objectives with targets defined in both the CMO and CIO areas. The real battle to watch therefore is not between the CIO and the CMO, but whether a joint CMO-CIO approach or dedicated function provides the best mechanism to align customer experience objectives with the technical challenges of delivering these goals. A successful combination of their approaches and motivations provides the real basis for an extremely strong mobile strategy. “ Daniel Weisbeck, CMO & COO, Netbiscuits