Web Trends Report Q2 2014

How will tomorrow’s consumer interact with you?

The Netbiscuits Web Trends Report provides in-depth analysis of mobile web usage based on 2.5 billion page impressions from across 242 countries. Our analysis of the traffic captured through Netbiscuits Mobile Analytics shows the emergence of local vendors in specific mobile markets. Regional players have gained market share through introducing competitively priced smartphone devices to acquire new customer segments, while consumer appetite for smart TVs and other connected devices like wearables is showcasing triple digit traffic growth. The need for speed remains unchanged.

 Key findings show:

  • In Q2 globally, the Apple iPhone 5 series replaces the 4 and 4S as the most used device for surfing the web on mobile devices
  • Consumer demand shifts to acquiring the 5 to 5.9 inch screen size category in the United States, Canada and Australia. In the UK, the 4.5 to 4.9 segment gains the most traffic share
  • Android continues to grow share of traffic, reaching 57% of web traffic worldwide this quarter (up from 55%). iOS holds its position, with a consistent 32% of total mobile traffic
  • South Korea tops the list for having the most mobile phones in the Top 100 category of devices that has 4G (LTE) capability (76%)

In a world that has been dominated by Apple and Samsung, we’re heading back towards device fragmentation, with local vendors making credible gains in Asia and now Europe… with such diversity to cater for, marketers and developers have an even greater need to ensure they firstly understand the make-up of their mobile visitors, in order to capitalize on the opportunity to deliver more targeted messages through better online experiences.

Daniel Weisbeck – COO and CMO, Netbiscuits

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Web Trends Report Q2 2014 Infographic snapshot