Web Development and Integration Services


Netbiscuits first built a mobile website for a customer in 2000. Since then, we’ve built tens of thousands of web pages designed, optimized and tested to work on any mobile device.

Our framework is based on leading project management methodologies, coupled with mobile technology expertise and best practices. With this, we are able to help companies deliver engaging websites that work on the widest range of devices, while ensuring the project is delivered successfully.

Netbiscuits has extensive experience integrating with some of the leading CMS, CRM, ERP and eCommerce platforms in the market, including:

  • Adobe® Experience Manager, Sitecore® and WordPress
  • Magento®, ATG®, and Hybris®
  • Salesforce®, SAP® and IBM®
  • Microsoft® Dynamics, Oracle® and Sage®

Dedicated Mobile Site or Responsive Web Design? Make it adaptive.

Netbiscuits has experience developing sites specific to device categories, such as smartphone or tablet, or using Responsive Web Design to address all device types with a single url strategy. In either case we think the best sites are ‘adaptive’ – ones that adapt content, design and/or features based on the visitor’s device and context. The adaptation may include loading completely different page layouts, content components that display differently based on the device’s capability i.e. video, images or forms. The Netbiscuits Services team has extensive expertise helping companies utilize adaptive web development techniques – from advising on best practice, through to building fully responsive sites that are optimized with server-side techniques.