Visitor ID

Next-generation visitor identification for cross-device marketing

Connect with customers across devices

Your customers are mobile in every sense – they’re on the move and they switch devices throughout the day. Netbiscuits Visitor ID is a cross-device visitor identification solution which enables you to recognize returning visitors across multiple devices even when they’re not logged in. Now you can create a complete single customer view to profile cross-device customer behavior.

We enable you to tailor a visitor’s journey across multiple devices and screens without collecting any personally-identifiable information (PII). From smartphones and tablets to connected TVs and wearable tech, Visitor ID enables marketers, publishers, eCommerce sites and brands to follow and influence the steps of end-to-end multiscreen customer journeys.

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To drive increased sales, a leading fashion retailer wants to improve its recommendation engine and increase average basket values through up-sell promotions.

  • Not enough customers are creating accounts when they first checkout and many who return for repeat purchase don’t log in, but check out as guests.
  • With fashion ranges divided into low, medium and high spend categories, the retailer has a robust strategy for maximizing revenues but has no way of knowing which product ranges to promote to guest visitors. Therefore, revenue is being lost by showing generic recommendations to all visitors.
  • Using Netbiscuits Visitor ID to identify an existing customer who has previously purchased from the high-spend category, but has not logged in on this visit, the retailer is able to promote products from the appropriate range and ensure they protect their revenue.
  • Not only has average basket value increased, but conversion is also up thanks to Visitor ID enabling the retailer to identify appropriate additional content to show to the visitor to influence their purchase decision.

Protect investment in customer profiles

Netbiscuits Visitor ID uses our market-leading device detection to create a unique deterministic fingerprint for each visitor based on specific anonymous characteristics and capabilities of their device. We combine this with web tag data and cookie information. These 3 levels of ID build a cross-device profile into a unique Visitor ID containing details of all the devices a visitor uses to access your website.

A key benefit for customers in using our ultra-accurate device detection to fingerprint visitor devices is the capability to rebuild a lost user ID using anonymous information. So if a visitor clears their cookies or browsing history you can match their unique device configuration with the ones stored in our database to predict that a new visitor is in fact a returning visitor and reconnect you with their Visitor ID.

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Maximize conversion with joined-up cross-screen journeys

Today’s customer is likely to see an ad on one device, read content on another and transact on yet another. Keeping sight of customers across all those touch-points allows you to tailor their experience and create more effective conversion points. With Visitor ID, you can deliver compelling cross-screen experiences even when visitors switch between devices or browsers.

Now you can ensure that no matter which device a customer uses or when – for example a smartphone on the morning commute, their work PC at lunchtime then a tablet on the sofa at home in the evening – they get a seamless and coherent user journey. And that, as every modern marketer knows, is a key factor in increasing conversions.

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A content publisher wants to improve revenue generated through advertising by increasing clickthrough rates.

  • A huge proportion of the site’s audience are unknown visitors who jump around from device to device​ throughout the day. There’s no login functionality on the publisher site and no subscription.
  • This makes it impossible for the publisher to serve native ads based on news articles which that user has previously shown an interest in.
  • Consequently, the publisher cannot make the best use of their ad inventory and is potentially losing out on revenue by serving ads with little relevance to many of their customers.
  • NetbiscuitsVisitor ID links these seemingly disparate visits into a single customer view​ and even allows the publisher to recreate lost cookies.

Stay relevant & increase engagement

Relevant content is becoming ever more important in maintaining customer engagement. But how can you remain relevant if you don’t recognize a customer when they return to your site? Understanding what multiscreen customers have already seen and engaged with means you can prioritize and target specific content based on where they are in their individual journey.

Staying relevant to customers as they switch from one device to another results in better engagement rates, increased time on site and higher conversion. And higher visitor engagement levels have the happy side-effect of amplifying your SEO.

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No compromise on privacy or security

Consumer privacy and security are paramount. We are absolutely committed to protecting the trust customers and consumers show in us and we take our responsibilities very seriously. We don’t use personally identifiable information for Visitor ID. We don’t ‘track’ customers using their web history or use ‘ad-snooping’ tactics based on advertising interaction data. Instead we identify a visitor by device using a generic and anonymous visitor ID number.

With this number assigned to a device, web content providers can confidently detect other devices used by the same visitor and assign these to the same ID. We offer full transparency about our methodology and work with organizations to ensure appropriate use of our technology.

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