Visitor ID in detail

Maximizing cross-device customer conversion

Increase conversion with joined-up user journeys

Delivering a consistent and personalized cross-device user experience significantly improves the likelihood of conversion. Traditionally, when a customer used multiple devices to access your site, they’d look like a different individual on each. Which made it virtually impossible for you to plan your user journeys and promotion strategies effectively.

Not any more. Using Netbiscuits Visitor ID to follow this valuable interaction data across devices enables marketers, eCommerce sites, publishers and brands to personalize and enhance the customer’s end-to-end experience. Knowing which messages and content to deliver at each stage of the user’s journey significantly shortens the path to conversion, whether that’s a purchase, download, signup or anything else.

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Create connected conversations with customers

Cross-device tracking also helps you maximize the ROI of your content by making sure you deliver the most appropriate content elements at each stage of the user journey. We all know that different content types perform more effectively on certain devices – for example, videos generally convert better on tablets than smartphones. By tailoring the next step of your content story to an individual customer and their current device, you’ll move them more quickly and contentedly through the steps to conversion. Connecting the dots as part of a cross-device user journey ensures you remain relevant to customers as they switch from one device to another. Increased relevance equals increased engagement equals increased conversion rates.

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