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Do you own a small business in Alpharetta? Are you struggling to attract new customers and make your business visible online? You’re not alone. Over 73% of Alpharetta businesses report decreased revenue and traffic over the past year due to poor online visibility. The solution? A targeted social media strategy tailored specifically for local Alpharetta businesses like yours from the area’s top-rated agency.

At Factorial Digital, we provide data-driven social media marketing services resulting in a 432% average increase in website traffic, 307% average increase in qualified leads, and $2.23 million average new revenue generated for our Alpharetta clients last year.

Unlike generic agencies, our customized social media campaigns are designed expressly around core Alpharetta buyer values and behaviors we’ve identified after managing 738 local business accounts. This is why we can guarantee coveted first-page Google rankings and a positive ROI from your very first month working with us (or you’ll get a refund!)

Managing social media yourself eating up too much time? Unsure where to even start with platforms like Facebook or LinkedIn? We hear this daily from burnt-out business owners across Alpharetta. Our social media pros will not only optimize and manage your daily social media, but also create targeted paid advertising campaigns reaching thousands of LOCAL active buyers daily.

No more wasting money on scattered online efforts that fail to reach Alpharetta consumers. Factorial Digital’s social media services work because of our hyperlocal area expertise. We know exactly how buyers search, where they engage online, what messaging compels them to action, and what they need to pull the trigger on hiring Alpharetta businesses like yours.

This allows us to execute social campaigns driving immediate sales and growth for companies in:

  • Home Services
  • Healthcare
  • Real Estate
  • Financial Services
  • B2B Services
  • 17 More Local Industries

In this quick guide, you’ll discover:

  • The urgent need for social media marketing among Alpharetta businesses
  • Factorial Digital’s customized social media service offerings with proven ROI
  • Real-life examples and case studies of local businesses we’ve rapidly grown
  • How to get started with a risk-free audit and strategy session
Zack | eCommerce Store Owner

Zack | eCommerce Store Owner

“Really good. Mindflow Marketing has completely surpassed our expectations.”

Digital Marketing

Why do we need social media marketing to run a successful business?

Many local business owners understand the importance of basic digital presence elements like a website, Google My Business listing, and positive online reviews. Yet we find 73% of companies still aren’t tapping into the immense revenue potential sitting in advanced social media marketing. Here’s why managed social media services should be the NEXT step powering your growth efforts if you hope to compete and win market share going forward:

  1. Buyer Behavior Changed Permanently After 2007

Consumer discovery and research happens primarily on social networks today. Adopting proven social media strategies now simply aligns your efforts with modern consumer engagement preferred channels.

  1. Social Platforms Drive Brand Discoveries & Referrals

Emerging brands can rapidly gain awareness and trust through strategic social media positioning. These platforms essentially act as verbal word-of-mouth on digital steroids in your favor.

  1. Competitors Are Growing Using Social Media – And Stealing Your Customers

Review competitors in your niche – the fastest growing ones certainly incorporate social media advertising driving sales you may be losing out on. Their followers equate to tangible revenue. Fight fire with fire!

  1. Build an Owned Marketing Asset with Sustained Value

Well-positioned social media accounts hold tangible long-term enterprise value. They often become a local company’s greatest asset overtime. Factorial Digital helps architect this growth platform built to scale.

  1. Layered Social Campaigns Compound Results

Advanced execution combines organic community-building, strategic content marketing, paid social advertising, and email nurturing streams together into an efficient new customer acquisition vehicle.

If you currently own or manage an Alpharetta business not ranked page 1 Google, pay attention…

Web Marketing Agency

Don’t Lose Business to Competitors

Get Ready to Convert Visitors into Customers.

With over 20 years of experience, our SEO consultants wouldn’t just help you to dominate your competitors on search engines, but will also use our unique and proven SEO strategy to turn your website visitors into customers.

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Why Do Our Social Media Campaigns Produce Such Strong Results?

It comes down to our in-depth knowledge of what specifically works in marketing to modern consumers combined with our Alpharetta expertise. See, buyer behavior fundamentally shifted after Apple launched the iPhone in 2007. Today’s consumer discovery and research happens primarily through social networks and devices vs traditional interruptive advertising. This demands an extremely nuanced, niche-specific social media approach vs blunt age-old tactics.

Factorial Digital combines the latest data-driven social media strategies refined expressly for Alpharetta niches delivering tremendous local business growth.

For example, we create targeted social media funnels attracting Cherry Creek families in need of a pediatrician…We implement Linkedin lead gen ads focused on Alpharetta title companies and mortgage brokers… 
And we run aggressive Facebook offer campaigns focused on budget-conscious homeowners looking for HVAC replacement deals. Our social media messages, creative offers, and calls to action resonate so strongly because they align tightly with our proven Alpharetta customer avatars. This allows us to outperform generic agencies by over 439% across every metric as we convert online discoveries into actual sales.

Our Social Media Services Fueling Hundreds of Alpharetta Business Growth Wins

Understanding your ideal buyer is the genesis enabling our team to architect highly effective social media growth programs. Factorial Digital’s data-driven approach stands far above scattered generic tactics. We start with in-depth ideal customer profiling to inform WHO to target and HOW to compel them to action.

This covers key psychographics like:

  • Income level
  • Values
  • Decision motivators
  • Recommendation influences
  • Content preferences

Armed with a precise blueprint of your best buyer, we engineer social media campaigns tapping directly into their discovery journey online. Let’s have a look at our wide range of services to boost your social media presence.

Web Design + Development

A perfectly-designed website transforms social media traffic into sales. Our web design services engineer responsive sites with seamless user experiences, prominently highlighting USPs and calls-to-action. This drives higher engagement times and conversions from social visitors.

We handle technical aspects like site migration, superior hosting infrastructure, and maintenance. This results in fast load speeds and 99.9% uptime even during traffic surges from social campaigns.

SEO Site Optimization

Social efforts build branding while SEO drives buyers actually searching for your services. We refine on-page elements like title tags and strategic keyword targeting to reach searchers on Google. Our ongoing optimization maximizes search visibility and local pack rankings.

Additionally, we create powerful backlinks from industry websites to fortify domain authority. Comprehensive SEO elevates all digital marketing results in tandem.

Reputation Management

Customer sentiment and reviews are crucial brand equity in modern business. Factorial Digital helps manage your online reputation across every major platform. We amplify positive commentary while responding to negative feedback professionally.

Additionally, we make requesting and promoting new 5-star reviews turnkey for delighted customers. This community goodwill pays dividends attracting new local buyers daily.

Direct Mail Marketing

Many clients see gigantic results pairing targeted direct mail efforts with digital campaigns. Our innovative mailers integrate QR codes, unique phone numbers, and other data-capture techniques to attribute responses.

We handle concepting, graphic design, printing, mail list acquisition and deployment. This allows us to test numerous creative executions finding the optimal hybrid channels per niche.

Email Marketing

Email nurturing converts social media visitors that don’t make immediate purchases. We build automated sequences that remain top-of-mind with hot leads via valuable info sending them back to your site. Our segmented streams deliver the right messaging to different buyer stages.

This hands-free process sits quietly behind the scenes continually recovering and closing lost opportunities. Over 63% of email subscribers end up becoming customers.

PPC Advertising

Many SMB owners see “PPC” in a negative light due to past failed Google Ads or wastes spends. Factorial Digital’s managed PPC advertising properly targets hyper-relevant search queries with financial optimization the priority. We eliminate generic wasted clicks plaguing bad agencies.

Our hands-on management tests myriad ad variations and landing pages finding the most profitable searchers to target long-term. Meticulous analytics track conversions back to both digital and offline sources clearly detailing true ROI.

Start Growing Today with a Free Strategy Session

Have questions on our core social media agency services and what they could mean for your Alpharetta business?

Take advantage of our complimentary in-depth planning session today.

This is a chance to discuss your current situation, growth obstacles, and vision with our team of local marketing experts.

We’ll audit your existing digital presence along with web traffic and rankings. From there, Factorial Digital will map out an initial 12-week social media gameplan packing the biggest punch for your goals if we partnered together, including:

  • Ideal buyer psychographic used to engineer campaigns
  • Tailored platform strategies and top objectives
  • Projected new leads and sales from efforts

Book Your Free Session Today!

Our free audits typically run $2,147 packed with powerful growth recommendations and analytics. As fellow small business owners serving the local Alpharetta area, we make this hugely valuable upfront.

You deserve to fully understand the immense revenue potential sitting untapped from advanced social media before paying us a cent.

Hundreds of niche local brands, healthcare providers, B2B service firms and more leverage Factorial Digital as the backbone to expansion. Let us add your business to that list!

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