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As an award-winning Atlanta SEO agency, we are perfectly positioned to help your business dominate the first page of Google search results. With customized SEO solutions tailored around your business’s specific goals, target audience and market dynamics, we can help you vault ahead of the competition and become the #1 result for your best keywords.

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Why Do Businesses in Atlanta Need SEO?


  • Over 92% of online experiences start with a search engine like Google. Capturing that traffic is vital for business success and survival today.
  • By 76% of all Atlanta searches have “local intent” – focusing on finding nearby products, services, brands and locations. SEO helps connect them to you.
  • Around 70% of searchers click a website listed on the first Google Search Engine Result Page. An SEO strategy “earns” you that spot.
  • SEO helps build authority and trust which leads visitors to choose you over competitors.
  • An effective SEO website generates 4X more leads on average than paid advertising at a lower total cost over time.

In conclusion, SEO funnel-focused strategies are pivotal for any ambitious local Atlanta business today.

Partner with us for specialized SEO campaigns laser-targeted to dominate search results in the Atlanta local market!

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Secure Your Online Success: Advanced SEO Strategies from Our Expert Team

For more than 15 years, Factorial Digital has been helping big brands grow online. We use our experience to keep you ahead of the game. Our approach combines smart SEO, websites that make you money, and technology that turns visitors into customers.

Get a free SEO check-up from our experts. We’ll take a close look at where you stand online. We’ll find the best ways to bring the right people to your site, give you plans based on solid research to attract and keep visitors, and set up a strategy for your online success. Start your journey to a better online presence with us today.

Get a Custom Web Design & SEO Game Plan - No Charge

Factorial Digital Best Local SEO Services | Expert Atlanta SEO Company, GA

Are you an Atlanta business struggling to compete as competitors outrank you on Google daily? Do you want to tap into advanced SEO services to unlock profitable growth online but don’t know where to start?

You’ve come to the right place.

As an award-winning Atlanta SEO agency, we are perfectly positioned to help your business dominate the first page of Google search results. With customized SEO solutions tailored around your business’s specific goals, target audience and market dynamics, we can help you vault ahead of the competition and become the #1 result for your best keywords.

Equipped with the latest analytics tools and over a decade’s experience optimizing 2000+ websites, our data-driven strategies are proven to turn websites into lead and profit engines. Our actionable SEO audit identifies quick-win optimization opportunities tailored to your website. By leveraging these insights, our clients accelerate growth, increase qualified traffic, boost conversions and maximize ROI from their online presence.

SEO Is Your Game Changer!

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It refers to strategies, activities and practices that aim to improve a website’s visibility and rankings in search engines like Google and Bing.

The goal of SEO is to place your website among the highly ranked search results for specific search queries and attract more relevant, targeted visitors that convert into sales.

We employ ethical “white hat” SEO strategies to present content and websites to search engines the way they like and want.

Importance of Investing in Atlanta SEO Services

SEO is not a one-time activity; it’s an ongoing investment. The work we do today to optimize your website will keep rewarding you with higher Atlanta search rankings, traffic and conversions for months and years. Partnering with an experienced Atlanta SEO agency ensures you always stay ahead of changes in Google algorithms or buyer behavior with continuous innovation and refinement.

Offering Cutting-Edge Atlanta SEO Tactics

We offer the latest, most effective Atlanta SEO services based on our ethos of continuous experimentation and innovation:

  • Conversion-Focused Ecommerce SEO: We optimize ATL online store layouts, product pages and checkout flows to maximize revenue.
  • Voice/Featured Snippets SEO: We craft content optimized to also showcase in voice search and featured snippet results.
  • Local SEO Domination: Our hyperlocal SEO content and outreach targets geographic keywords to connect you with high-intent searchers.
  • Lead-Boosting Link Building: We secure backlinks from authority sites viaperspective-based niche outreach to establish your brand’s thought leadership quickly.

Our Specialized SEO Services Empower Businesses to Rank #1

We offer a comprehensive suite of SEO and digital marketing services crafted specifically to help Atlanta businesses dominate search rankings, beat local competition and growth-hack their way to online profitability.

Local SEO Services

Our localized SEO strategies enhance your visibility and exposure among Atlanta searchers looking for your products and services nearby.

Services Include:

  • Geo-targeted keyword optimization
  • Google My Business listing optimization
  • Citation building across local directories
  • Creation of location pages with local Atlanta specific content


  • Increased visibility in Atlanta local search rankings
  • More store visits, calls and location-specific leads
  • Established credibility as a leading local brand

National SEO Services

We employ advanced on-page and off-page optimization best practices to boost your overall website authority, relevance and help you reach more customers nationwide.

Services Include:

  • On-page optimization for buyer keywords
  • Securing SEO backlinks from authority websites
  • Optimizing content for voice search queries


  • Expanded brand awareness and reach nationwide
  • Increased website traffic from broader target audience
  • More online leads and sales from national buyers

SEO Audit Services

Our comprehensive SEO audits analyze your website’s health, content, backlinks, search performance and conversions to identify optimization areas.

Services Include:

  • Website’s technical SEO health check
  • Review of LINK BUILDING and trust signals
  • Identification of quick-win OPTIMIZATION OPPORTUNITIES


  • Insights into strengths and weaknesses
  • Context to create targeted SEO strategies

Monthly SEO Services

Our managed SEO packages handle monthly optimization and marketing tasks needed to sustain top Atlanta search engine rankings long-term.

Services Include:

  • Regular technical fixes and UPDATES
  • SEO performance tracking reports
  • Continuous site AUDITS and monitoring


  • Hands-free professional SEO management
  • Focus on core business while outsourcing seo tasks

Get in touch with our Atlanta SEO specialists to learn how our targeted search engine optimization and digital marketing services can accelerate your growth.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Our advanced CRO solutions boost your website’s conversions by turning more Atlanta visitors into leads and customers.

Services Include:

  • Strategic call-to-action placement
  • Personalized on-site copy and messaging
  • Targeted lead flows and nurturing sequences
  • Optimized customer checkout flows


  • Increased volume of qualified, sales-ready leads
  • Bigger average order values and repeat purchases

On-Page Optimization

We perform on-page SEO including content, metadata, media elements and technical optimizations to improve local SEO rankings and user engagement.

Services Include:

  • Content optimization with TARGET ATLANTA KEYWORDS
  • Title tags, meta data and media element optimization
  • Optimizing site architecture and internal linking


  • Ranking for more valuable LOCAL SEARCH KEYWORDS
  • More free traffic from higher SEM rankings

Keyword Research

Our rigorous methodology identifies the most valuable SEO keywords closely aligned to your offerings that resonate with Atlanta searchers.

Services Include:

  • Identify high-potential keywords via tools
  • Analyze search volumes, competition, commercial value
  • Map keywords to relevant pages and content


  • Optimize pages for best keyword-to-page fit
  • Focus content creation on most relevant themes

Technical SEO

We perform comprehensive technical SEO audits and fixes that enhance your overall site visibility, speed and security.

Services Include:

  • Core Web Vitals optimizations
  • Site architecture enhancements
  • Indexing and site map improvements
  • Optimizing for search engine crawling needs


  • Faster site load speeds and better user experience
  • Building more search crawler-friendly site

Get in touch with our Atlanta SEO agency to learn how our comprehensive digital marketing services can help your business growth-hack SEO success!

Dentcore Case Study: From 5 Leads a Month to 175

We helped Dentcore, a boutique dental clinic, completely transform their online presence and leap to the top of Google search rankings. The strategy powered a staggering 34X growth in leads and revenue.

“Before partnering with them, our website barely got 5 leads a month. Their SEO strategy completely turned things around. Just 6 months later, we averaged 175 leads monthly and had 3X more new patients than ever before. The best marketing decision we ever made.”

  • Katie Pemberton, Owner, Dentcore

Dentcore achieved this online growth by:

  • Ranking #1 for 70% of core keywords like “emergency dentist [city]” and “dental implants cost [city]”
  • 169% increase in overall website traffic
  • 88% boost in keywords ranking in Google’s first page
  • 57% improvement in site speed

Their exponential growth curve continues upward as we refine and scale the SEO strategy further.

Our Unique Atlanta-Focused SEO Process

We follow a proven, comprehensive SEO process focused on delivering maximum ROI for Atlanta-based businesses:

Audit and Analysis of Existing Efforts

We start by thoroughly analyzing your:

  • Current website’s technical health, architecture, speed and engagement
  • Use of Atlanta-based keywords and how well pages target search intent
  • Existing content’s optimization status, relevance and richness
  • Backlink profile, site authority and trust indicators
  • Rankings in Atlanta for core geo-targeted keywords
  • Traffic and conversions from Atlanta searchers

Identifying quick-win optimization areas allows for an informed, high-impact SEO strategy.

Set Measurable Atlanta Ranking Goals

With audit insights, we set tangible TARGET ATLANTA SEO RANKING AND TRAFFIC goals for your highest potential keywords. This includes:

  • Keyword monthly search volumes, competition, commercial value
  • Target search engine positions to reach over 6 and 12 month periods

Execute Ongoing Local SEO Plan

We execute recurring tasks across pillars vital for ATLANTA SEO success:

Technical SEO

  • Site speed and performance enhancements
  • Optimizing site architecture
  • Improving site to ensure SEARCH ENGINE VISIBILITY

On-Page SEO

  • Content optimization with TARGET LOCAL KEYWORDS
  • Optimizing title tags, meta data, media
  • Interlinking internal content

Link Building

  • Securing Atlanta SITE LINKS and partnerships
  • Optimized outreach for LOCAL CITATIONS
  • Improving domain authority signals

Conversion Optimization

  • Relevant calls-to-action
  • Lead capturing mechanisms
  • Sales funnel optimization

This expanded presence fuels traffic, brand authority and conversions.

Track and Report Ranking Progress

We monitor weekly progress on:

  • Rankings for target LOCAL ATLANTA SEO KEYWORDS
  • Traffic growth – overall and Atlanta-based
  • Lead and sales growth from SEO

This enables data-driven refinement of strategy and budgets.

Continuously Refine Efforts

The fast-changing SEO landscape requires agility. We continually refine strategies based on:


This sustains your leadership as search algorithms and intent shifts.

Our analytics-backed process brings together latest SEO with proven local optimization best practices for long-term domination.

Specialized Advanced SEO Services

In addition to our core SEO offerings, we provide cutting-edge specialized services targeted to amplify success across niches, business models and verticals facing unique SEO challenges. These advanced services drive maximum output, improve your page rankings and helps you gain an ample amount of online audience. 

Advanced B2B SEO

Our advanced SEO services for B2B companies enhances authority, nurtures high-lifetime-value corporate relationships and outcompetes rivals.

Services Include:

  • Targeting commercial keywords from all buyer persona
  • Securing backlinks from trusted industry portals
  • Syndicating gated C-level thought leadership assets


  • Increased visitors from BYTES commercial searchers
  • More RFPs, inbound sales inquiries, deal flow
  • Positioning as forward-thinking category experts

Advanced Lead Generation SEO

We skillfully employ SEO to help B2B and lead-based companies create more sales opportunities by getting offerings in front of motivated yet untapped Atlanta searchers.

Services Include:

  • Identifying and tracking lead and sales funnel keywords
  • Optimized lead capturing mechanisms
  • Personalized content for decision stage journey


  • Expanded reach to niche local audiences
  • Exponentially bigger pool of sales-ready leads
  • Shorter sales cycles and higher customer lifetime value

Advanced Location-Based SEO

We leverage granular insights into search trends and behaviors across metro Atlanta neighborhoods, cities and communities.

Services Include:

  • Micro-local keyword optimization
  • Neighborhood and city landing pages
  • Hyperlocal link building outreach


  • Increased exposure to area prospects
  • Higher rankings for geographic keywords
  • More store visits, calls and location-specific leads

Get in touch with our award-winning Atlanta SEO agency to learn more about our specialized advanced services.

Why Our Data-Driven SEO Agency is the Right Strategic Fit for Ambitious SMBs

Our specialized SEO solutions empower small and medium businesses to maximize their online presence, outrank competitors, and growth-hack their way to online domination.

Laser-Focused on Priming SMBs for Online Success

Having optimized over 2000 SMB websites, no one understands the unique SEO needs of hypergrowth startups and small businesses better than us. Our analytics-driven solutions are designed from the ground up to help SMBs win more customers profitably.

An Extension of Your Digital Marketing Team

Our comprehensive managed SEO services support like an in-house team would, without the overheads. With round-the-clock support and complete ownership, we fill critical skill and bandwidth gaps so you can focus on your core business.

SEO Results, Not Vanity Metrics

Too many agencies tout misleading vanity metrics over real business outcomes. Our 360-degree view of your sales funnel keeps us laser-focused on your ROI – not simply website traffic, backlinks or keyword rankings.

Bespoke SEO Powered by Martech

No pre-packaged, one-size-fits-all solutions. Each strategy leverages tailored research, intelligence and tools – from Ahrefs to Searchmetrics – purpose-built to answer your specific business needs.

Continuous Innovation, No Complacency

In fast-changing SEO, ongoing experiments and strategy pivots separate market leaders from laggards. Our in-house Martech innovations lab gives us an unfair advantage to keep you ahead of shifts in Google algorithms or buyer behavior.

Complete Ownership and Accountability

From start to finish, a named SEO account manager remains your single point of contact for strategy, execution and reporting. With both expertise and authority to make decisions, they lead a talented team completely invested in your success.

Reimagine your online business goals by partnering with a true growth ally hyper-focused on creating SEO success for SMBs.

What Our Atlanta Clients Say About Our SEO Services

“Our Atlanta law firm was struggling to land on page 1 of Google search results. Their SEO solutions and online legal marketing completely transformed our web presence within months. Website traffic tripled, and our client inquiries doubled soon after. Their SEO knowledge is just unmatched. Now one of our top referral sources.”

  • Gregory Thompson, Founding Partner, Collins & Thompson Attorneys

“We were stuck on page 3 of Atlanta SEO results before starting with them. Their technical SEO audit identified issues hurting our rankings. 6 months post optimization, we consistently rank #1 in Atlanta search for our best keywords. More than sales, their link building initiatives have greatly improved our brand visibility across Georgia.”

  • Scott Mathews, Marketing Head, Atlanta Home Care Agency

Trusted by Leading Atlanta Brands

We have delivered SEO solutions for renowned brands across industries in Atlanta’s competitive market. Some of our clients include:

  • Atlanta Realty Associates
  • True Value Hardware Stores
  • Asia Square Restaurants
  • Couch & Carpet Cleaners

Our award-winning SEO campaigns help established brands and early-stage startups alike accelerate growth by enhancing visibility and organic lead generation.

Trusted Atlanta SEO Agency for Long-Term Profitable Growth

To explore how our award-winning SEO and digital marketing services can accelerate growth for your Atlanta business Call us for a FREE CONSULTATION

Factorial Digital is a highly acclaimed, independent Atlanta SEO company with over a decade’s track record of enabling local businesses achieve unparalleled profit growth via targeted organic and paid search marketing. We are distinguished by our passion, pioneering mindset and proven SEO process to help Atlanta businesses get and stay atop competitive SERP landscapes. Our boutique SEO agency is positioned as the preeminent analytics-driven Atlanta SEO company delivering:

We offer complete managed SEO solutions tailored around your Atlanta business goals, ideal customers and markets:

  • Hands-free SEO management exonerates you from performing recurrent indexing, crawling and optimization tasks needed to sustain rankings.
  • With round-the-clock support and complete ownership, our Atlanta SEO specialists fill skill and bandwidth gaps – allowing you to focus on growing your core business.
  • Get access to the latest Martech tools and platforms like Moz, SEMRush, Ahrefs etc plus actionable insights from the competitive Atlanta landscape.
  • Our data-backed strategies and content help anticipate and adapt before search engine algorithm shifts that impact Atlanta businesses.

Get more qualified leads, boost your local authority, outrank competitors and maximize revenues from SEO with Factorial Digital as your Atlanta search marketing partner today!


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