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What does “on-premise” mean?

The term “on-premise” means that our entire Device Detection server is installed on your server, so there is no need to fetch any files from our server when pages are requested. On-premise installation is therefore slightly more involved than our server-side and client-side options, but for large traffic sites, it can be the most efficient setup.

When the user’s browser requests a page from your website, the on-premise code simply has to “call” the Device Detection server that is sitting on your server to make it available to your server-side code.
Diagram explaining how on-premise Device Detection works


The on-premise option is great because you can make choices on your server, like deciding which modules to add to the page based on the user’s device type, browser, current bandwidth or even geo-location, but without having to regularly fetch files from the Netbiscuits Device Detection servers.

And while this option does require changes to your existing server-side code, the flexibility you gain by knowing exactly which device you are building the page for is extremely powerful!


The main downside of using on-premise Device Detection is that installation is a bit more difficult (but we try to mitigate that). Additionally, like the server-side option, there is also a bit more planning required when it comes to using the on-premise option. Thinking about what decisions you want to make, and when to make them, can seem daunting at first, but once you get into the swing of things, you will soon be building customized pages that give your users exactly what they need with each page load, and nothing they don’t.


With on-premise detection, you put a little more effort into getting things set-up and ready for use, but once you have things in place, you can make choices in your server-side code before you send anything to the user’s device, and you will no longer need to regularly fetch files from the Netbiscuits Device Detection server.

Customers get only what they need, and nothing they don’t, which means you save bandwidth and your users get faster page loads!

Netbiscuits On-Premise Device Detection comes in several languages. Learn more the one that is best for you:

Java   .NET

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