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What does “server-side” mean?

The term “server-side” means that it will happen on your server, as opposed to “client-side,” which happens in the user’s browser. To take advantage of Netbiscuits Device Detection information, you do have to be able to add files to your server and then make adjustments to your code. We currently offer the options of .Net, Java, PHP, or our Device Detection plugin via the WordPress plugin repository.

When the user’s browser requests a page from your website, the server-side code downloads the device information from the Netbiscuits server and makes it available to your server. You can use the device parameter information to make any decisions you want, based on the resulting parameter values.


The server-side option is great because you can make choices on your server, like deciding which modules to add to the page based on the user’s device type, browser, current bandwidth or even geo-location.

With the server-side option, you can make some pretty powerful decisions before sending anything to the user’s device. A few examples include:

  • Which video or image format to use
  • Whether to include a fully interactive touch-enabled map, a button-driven map, or simply a static image
  • Which page layout best delivers your priority content “above the scroll” on this user’s device

Knowing exactly which device a customer is using helps you create the best experience for your customers. Netbiscuits server-side option can greatly reduce the number of assets you have to send to your user’s device. You can send only what each user needs, and nothing they don’t. This means faster page loads for your users, happier customers, and lower bandwidth costs for you!


The main downside of using server-side Device Detection is that it takes a bit more planning. Thinking about what decisions you want to make, and when to make them, can seem daunting at first, but once you get into the swing of things, you will soon be building customized pages that give your users exactly what they need with each page load, and nothing they don’t.

Also, this option does require changes to your existing server-side code.


With server-side detection, you can make choices in your server-side code before you send anything to the user’s device. This means your customers get exactly what they need. You save bandwidth, and your users get faster page loads!

Netbiscuits Device Detection comes in several server-side languages. Learn more about the one that is best for you:

Java   .NET   PHP   WordPress

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