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Visitor flow

The Visitor flow tab allows complex pathways of user visitations to be shown clearly and simply. View a visitor from their referrer through to their conversion or when they leave the site. See detailed information on how any page performs and which pages have the highest exit rates. Any page or link can be broken down by device type, bandwidth speed and more with one click.

Welcome to the Visitor flow tab

Using the Visitor flow chart to see how your site is handling visitors is easy. Each block represents a page on your site, its size propotional to the number of hits, along with the number showing the total number of hits for that page in the selected time frame.

From the left of the box, you can see the inputs. These are the groups of devices accessing the page, and where they have come from. They have either come from another page on the site, or from a different site altogether. You can view a list of referrers using the Traffic Origin Analysis, or you can view the inputs by Operating system or Device type.
Note: Note that it takes up to two days to push data to the Visitor Flow diagram. This can cause a discrepancy between your Visitor flow data and your Page views data (which updates within 5 minutes).

On the right-hand side of the box, you can see where visitors leaving the page are moving on to, represented by the highlighted blue lines. You can also see here the ‘Exit rate’, represented by the red rectangle that leads nowhere. This is the number of people who left the site completely from this page. If this is very high, it may be worth checking that there are the necessary links and calls to action on the page in question, or whether the links and page are working correctly.

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