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Want a website that converts visitors into leads and helps grow your business? Factorial Digital has been Macon’s premier custom web design agency since 2008 for a strong reason.

We have partnered with over 500 local businesses to create high-impact websites tailored to their brand and goals. Our passionate team of experts specializes in conveying what makes your business remarkable through stellar web design, development, and digital marketing services.

Our core offerings include:

  • Custom Web Design
  • Web Development
  • SEO Services
  • PPC Campaign Management
  • Social Media Management And Marketing

Having the right strategic digital presence has never been more important in today’s world. Let’s have a conversation about what your business really needs to stand out and succeed online. The possibilities are endless when pairing your vision with our expertise.

Zack | eCommerce Store Owner

Zack | eCommerce Store Owner

“Really good. Mindflow Marketing has completely surpassed our expectations.”

Digital Marketing

The Power of Expert Web Design

Partnering with Factorial Digital offers several benefits and responsive web design is one of them. We help improve your conversion rates across Macon, GA alongside the following set of perks:

Boost Credibility and Trust

A professionally designed website lends credibility and trust to your brand in the eyes of customers. With over 90% of online experiences beginning with a search engine, that first impression is critical for converting visitors. 

Our custom designs showcase your business in the best light while establishing you as an authority that site visitors can believe in.

Mobile Responsiveness for Higher Conversions

Today 57.8% of web traffic comes from mobile devices. If your site is not mobile responsive, you could be missing half of your potential customers and revenue. 

Our mobile-friendly web designs dynamically adapt to fit phones or tablets, enabling effortless use no matter the screen size. This removes friction in the buyer journey that desktop-only websites create.

Faster Load Times to Reduce Bounce Rates

According to a study, 47% of the visitors expect the site to load in less than 3 seconds. Slow sites lead visitors to click away out of frustration before even seeing what you offer. 

Our accelerated web builds enable sub-second load speeds for near-instant interactivity. This improves engagement and satisfaction while lowering bounce rates.

Intuitive Navigation for Improved UX

Poor site navigation accounts for over half of web design complaints. If users cannot easily find what they want, they will simply leave your site for a competitor’s. Our user-centric designs incorporate intuitive menus, predictive search, visual cues, and logical content hierarchy mapped to visitor intents. This facilitates discovery and promotes goal achievement for superior UX.

Integrate Lead Gen Forms for Capturing Contacts

While traffic numbers seem impressive, unqualified site visitors do nothing for revenue growth. 

Our web builds integrate lead generation techniques to identify and convert qualified prospects. Features like email signup forms, live chatbots, contact requests, or meeting schedulers allow capturing visitor information for sales to follow up on. This bridges website activity with business outcomes.

Web Marketing Agency

Don’t Lose Business to Competitors

Get Ready to Convert Visitors into Customers.

With over 20 years of experience, our SEO consultants wouldn’t just help you to dominate your competitors on search engines, but will also use our unique and proven SEO strategy to turn your website visitors into customers.

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A Professional Web Design Approach

Our website development team offers a professional web design process. Here under, we’ve thoroughly broken down the whole approach: 

Consultation to Understand Business Goals

We begin every project with an in-depth consultation to align on business objectives, target buyer personas, desired conversions, and success metrics. This discovery phase focuses the web design strategy on your actual growth goals versus generic assumptions. Output includes strategic recommendations on leveraging web presence for outcomes like increased sales qualified leads.

Competitor Analysis for Differentiation

Achieving differentiation is key to standing out in crowded markets. Our competitive analysis studies your industry peers to identify areas where you can better serve customer needs with unique offerings. We assess strengths and weaknesses across dimensions like content, functionality, style, promotions, and more. This informs how to best differentiate your website to beat competitors.

Personas and User Journey Mapping

Knowing your customers is the foundation of effective web design. We conduct buyer persona development and user journey mapping exercises to deeply understand motives and behaviors throughout the buyer lifecycle. This profiles who your customers are, what problem you solve, buying triggers, how decisions are made, common objections, and steps leading to purchases. It enables emotionally resonant designs.

Wireframing and Prototyping Site Architecture

Information architecture mistakes undermine usability. We diagram site structure and hierarchy through card-sorting exercises validated by user testing. Wireframes and prototypes then bring concepts to life in schematic form for review before visual design. This validated framework becomes the content map guiding development to align with user expectations.

Design Visual Concepts for Feedback

With research and information architecture complete, our web design team produces homepage concepts capturing brand identity along with priority page layouts and critical components like calls-to-action. You provide feedback on elements needing adjustment to meet marketing goals. We iterate designs rapidly to converge on creative approval to drive outcomes.

Develop and Rigorously Test Before Launch

Our agile web development process turns approved designs into functional reality upgraded with every latest web technology for speed, responsiveness, and dynamic capability. We test iteratively using automated tools and manual quality assurance checklists verified by human users. This removes defects and proves technical soundness prior to launch for seamless user experiences backed by monitoring.

Website Design Services We Offer

  • Custom Website Design

We craft completely custom web designs aligned to your brand identity and unique business needs for maximum effectiveness. Our designers employ visual queues informed by psychology and art theory combined with user-validated information architecture. The result captures your vision within a conversion-focused structure proven to achieve KPIs by target audience testing.

  • WordPress Development

WordPress powers over 40% of all websites for its balance of usability and extensibility. Our certified WordPress developers design fully customized themes to realize company visions while still benefiting from the CMS’s rich feature set and 3rd party integrations. We handle all hosting, maintenance, backups, and monitoring.

  • Ecommerce Stores

Online sales channels have become indispensable revenue streams. We build ecommerce sites leveraging leading platforms like Shopify, making robust inventory, multi-payment, promotion, and fulfillment capabilities plug-and-play. Beautiful storefronts convert visitors while integrated backends simplify order processing and accounting.

  • Landing Pages

Dedicated landing pages consistently outperform general websites for campaign response rates thanks to hyper-focused messaging and frictionless conversion paths. Our landing page expert design, write and technically implement click-through optimized pages that compel visitors to take action through clear value propositions and prominent calls to action.

  1. Website Redesign

Even successful websites require eventual redesigns as technologies advance and design tastes evolve. We conduct complete audits and needs analyses when undertaking redesign projects to modernize sites without losing any existing capabilities. Our upgrade process ensures continuity for organic traffic and seamless transitions keeping revenue steady.

  • Website Hosting

Uptime and site performance start with a robust hosting infrastructure. We leverage enterprise-class hosting combining high availability server clusters, solid-state storage arrays, and carrier-diverse networks to deliver 99.9% uptime and lightning-fast speeds with expert monitoring/management. Modern platforms are future-proof against outgrowing capacity.

  • Website Security

Protecting businesses from cyber threats is an imperative that web design directly impacts. Our hardened websites employ firewalls, VPNs, proactive patching, DDoS mitigation, OWASP testing, authentication safeguards, TLS encryption, audit logging, Rate Limiting, SIEM event analysis, and more backed by 24/7 alert-based monitoring to ensure always-on protection.

  • Website Backup

Unforeseen incidents from natural disasters to software bugs can bring down websites unexpectedly. We prevent such catastrophes from harming businesses through multi-layered backups including onsite redundancy, offsite replication, and disaster recovery systems for quick failover and restore. Regular test restores confirm recoverability so you can focus on daily operations assurance.

  • Website Maintenance

The launch is only the beginning of an effective web presence. We provide ongoing maintenance contracts covering content changes, functionality additions, system/plugin upgrades, performance tuning, bug fixes, uptime monitoring, backups, security patches, failover tests, and technical support. This enables realizing sites’ full potential year after year as marketing goals evolve.

Website Features We Can Integrate!

Lead Capture Forms

Expand sales pipelines by capturing more visitor information. Our lead gen toolkit includes email signup offers, contact request popups, chatbot questionnaires, meeting schedulers, and other data collection modules to identify qualified prospects during site interactions. Integrated workflows auto-respond while forwarding submissions to CRM and sales staff.

Live Chat

Humanize digital interactions through real-time chat. Our chat window plugins connect site visitors to subject matter experts who answer questions, provide support, capture information, or close sales. Native mobile apps allow managing conversations on the go while analytic dashboards reveal opt conversation times, common questions, and agent performance.

Appointment Scheduling

Facilitate bookings by letting customers self-schedule consultations via an embeddable calendar. Our tools integrate with CRM systems surfacing contact data at appointment time while syncing calendars to show availability. Customers experience white-glove service with self-service convenience translating to higher sales conversions.

SEO Optimization

Increase organic search traffic by optimizing sites for higher rankings. Our SEO experts incorporate target keyword optimization, schema markup for rich snippets, site speed acceleration, link building, alt text additions, site mapping, and search engine submissions when designing sites. This earns top placements in unpaid results for exponential traffic growth from high-intent queries.

Social Media Integration

Engage website visitors through their social networks for amplified word-of-mouth and reduced bounce rates. Our open graph meta tag implementation along with embedded follow buttons and share icons encourages visitors to take site content with them via newsfeeds. This expands reach while applying social proof for conversion lift.

Email Marketing Integration

Coordinate external campaigns with on-site experiences by integrating email service platforms. 

Our website builds can embed signup forms feeding subscriber lists while unlocking features like behavior-triggered autoresponders, cart abandonment re-targeting, and personalized content based on CRM data. This connects marketing channels into unified funnels with closed-loop reporting.

CRM Integration

Sync critical business software tools for consistency across customer touchpoints. Our integration expertise joins CRM systems, marketing automation platforms, accounting software, inventory databases, and proprietary apps through modern APIs empowering real-time data sharing. This breaks down silos for holistic views with automated workflows reaching more customers.

Payment Processing

Monetize transactions without friction by incorporating trusted payment gateways using native or third-party processors. Our certified developers build PCI-compliant solutions that allow customers to pay instantly via preferred payment methods from Apple/Google Pay to ACH with configurable order flows. This reduces failure rates at checkout for realized revenue.

Hear from Our Happy Customers

“I couldn’t be happier with the website Factorial Digital built for my Macon dental practice. They really took the time to understand what content and capabilities were most important. Now I can easily update the patient education content management system myself. Plus, I am impressed by their third-party software integration.” – Dr. Amanda R, Macon Smiles Dentistry

“As the owner of a local Macon boutique, I wanted a simple, elegant site that reflected our branding and made it easy for customers to shop. Factorial Digital nailed the web design and delivered a beautiful, functional site that has lifted our online sales. I recommend them for any retailer looking to grow their ecommerce presence.” – Beatrice S, Magnolia Boutique

“I highly recommend Factorial Digital to any local business that wants a beautiful, conversion-focused website, especially one that spotlights photographic content. I’m confident the website they built will take my bakery’s success to a whole new level thanks to stellar website content!” – Nathan T, Macon Heritage Museum

Website Project Service Pricing and Engagement Process

Here’s a quick sneak peek into the packages offered for our website development services, before we move ahead and break down the timeline of our professional web design process to you. 

Packages for All Business Sizes

  • Essentials Package – For small sites up to 10 pages. Includes consultations, site architecture planning, page design mocks, and CMS implementation. Perfect for getting a visually appealing small site launched quickly.
  • Professional Package – For small to mid-sized sites up to 30 pages. Everything in Essentials, plus more in-depth consultations, increased design options, platform integrations, and admin training at launch. Better supports more complex sites.
  • Enterprise Packages – Completely customized packages for large enterprise sites that require advanced capabilities like security, scalability, and integration with internal tools. Full discovery process conducted to build out capabilities based on technical and business needs.


  • 4-6 weeks timeline for Essentials and Professional Packages. Includes scoping and requirements gathering, design mock creation, client feedback cycles, development, content migration, testing, revisions, and launch. Clear project plans ensure no surprises.
  • For Enterprise Packages, the timeline varies based on custom scoping during the discovery process. Development is done in an agile manner in multiple sprints over months with continuous client review and input.

Support Beyond Launch

  • 3 months of post-launch support included for all packages to address initial questions, additional tweaks, and optimization guidance.
  • After that, affordable monthly support plans to suit your ongoing needs – options like 5 hours/month, 10 hours/month, or unlimited. Used for help updating content, making customizations, addressing problems, and improving search engine optimization and conversion over time.

About Factorial Digital

Our Core Values

We blend technology with creativity through a value system prioritizing curiosity, transparency, accountability, exceeding expectations, and bettering our community. This feeds continuous innovation in how we empower clients while welcoming feedback for improvement at every step. Enthusiasm and care drive our unique partnership approach.

Located in Macon but serves national Clients

With deep roots in providing software solutions to Macon businesses for over 15 years, our reach now extends across America designing websites for leading companies within diverse industries. Distance is no obstacle to tackling complex digital challenges thanks to robust virtual collaboration capabilities with made-in-Macon quality assurance.

Awards, Recognitions, Certifications

Our prominence as a top web design resource stems from third-party validations like ranking as a top southeastern agency on Clutch exclusive elite partner status with Wix and WordPress, A+ BBB accreditation for service quality, and certified developers across every web discipline to confirm technical standing behind our work.

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