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Factorial Digital is Marietta’s leading data-driven web design and SEO agency focused on providing customized solutions that get local businesses real results – guaranteed first-page Google rankings and increased profits.

After working with over 100 Marietta companies, we’ve perfected our process to help struggling businesses who are losing customers to higher-ranking competitors. Our comprehensive web design, SEO and digital marketing solutions are tailored to your exact business goals and ensure you start dominating the first page of search results.

We are experts at identifying gaps preventing your business from reaching its full online potential and creating data-backed solutions for growth. Our systematic approach enables us to make credible claims you simply won’t find from other agencies.

Web Design and SEO

The Need for SEO and Web Design Among Marietta GA Businesses

Recent studies show that 75% of customers now use search engines like Google to discover and research local products and services. Additionally, 90% only click on businesses appearing on Page 1 of the organic search engine results pages (SERPs).

If your Marietta small business or medium-sized company does not rank highly in these critical local SEO search results, you are missing out on massive amounts of potential customers and revenue. You are also at risk of losing market share to competitors who do appear prominently in the SERPs.

Our comprehensive website design solutions and first-page ranking SEO services help you beat out the competition by optimizing the two most essential digital marketing assets for local SEO success;

  • Your Website Design and On-Page Content: An unoptimized, outdated website severely impacts search rankings and fails to properly convert visitors. We create custom designed, mobile-responsive websites engineered specifically for high local SEO performance.
  • Your Online Reputation and Off-Page SEO: Positive online reviews, citations, earned media and backlinks signal trust and authority to Google. We build and manage your online reputation to showcase credibility and dominate local SEO rankings.
Digital Agency

Future-Proof Your Digital Presence with Our Seasoned Web Strategists

For over 15 years, we’ve partnered with leading brands to engineer custom digital roadmaps designed for sustainable growth. It’s time to leverage our proven playbook to stay ahead. Our integrated solutions blend targeted SEO, revenue-driving web designs, and tech stacked with high-converting features.

But we go beyond surface fixes for true transformation. Our strategic approach means steeping in your goals to spot fresh opportunities. Book a complimentary digital evaluation and let our team of experts audit your current presence. We’ll dig into the data, pinpoint pathways for qualified traffic, equip you with science-backed plans to captivate visitors, and map out the next level. The first steps toward accelerating online await.

Get a Custom Web Design & SEO Game Plan - No Charge

Our Custom Website Design Services and SEO Services For Marietta Businesses

We focus on optimizing the two areas most important for overall online success – your website and your search visibility. An ineffective web presence severely restricts your ability to connect with potential customers and keep up with top-ranking local competitors.

Our customized Web Design solutions provide the powerful online platform for effectively showcasing your brand, products and services to Marietta consumers searching for your offerings. A high-performance website designed specifically for optimal user experience and search engine visibility establishes credibility and positions your company for sustainable growth through increasing traffic, leads, and sales.

Our SEO services then maximize your search engine presence by strategically optimizing critical elements to ensure your brand consistently appears prominently across high-traffic search queries and listings related to your products, services and location. As consumer usage continues to shift towards online discovery and research, consistently appearing on the first page of Search is imperative for SMBs to maintain their competitive advantage.

Mobile Responsive Design

Over 60% of searches now happen on mobile devices. We build fully responsive websites providing optimal viewing and navigation across all devices.

ADA Compliant

ADA website compliance combats legal risks while showing customers your commitment to accessibility. Our designers expertly integrate compliance into the website experience.

Optimized User Experience

We combine proven UI/UX principles with our knowledge of high-converting layouts and flows for Marietta consumer behavior patterns.

Powerful Call-to-Actions

Our research-backed CTAs grab attention and drive desired actions to capture more leads and sales.

SEO Optimized Copy

We write targeted copy optimized for both visitors and search engine bots to improve engagement and organic rankings.

Progressive Web Application

PWAs load instantly and work offline to engage visitors with app-like capabilities improving SEO rankings and engagement.

WordPress Platform

Managed WordPress streamlines expanding your online presence while providing ultimate content control.

Ecommerce Functionality

We build ecommerce sites with modern features crucial for sales enablement and seamless user experiences.

Ongoing Support

We provide comprehensive support to keep your site performing optimally as Google’s algorithms evolve.

Technical SEO Optimization

We perform site-wide audits identifying and fixing any issues hindering performance to build a solid SEO foundation.

On-Page Optimization

Optimizing page titles, URLs, content and schema markup improves relevance and search visibility.

Link Building

Our outreach process generates authoritative, relevant backlinks from trusted sites to signal credibility to Google.

Content Creation

We create optimized blogs and other assets highlighting your business’ local authority to improve rankings.

Local SEO

Tactics like GMB optimization establish your Google presence and prominence in map packs and local results.

Conversion Rate Optimization

We test and refine on-site elements like forms and checkout to lower bounce rates and drive more calls and conversions.

The Factorial Digital Difference – Real Marietta GA Client Results

We stand behind our systematic approach because we have the real-world results to back it up. Here are just a couple examples of the success Marietta clients see working with Factorial Digital:

Law Firm – 321% Increase in Website Traffic

  • Developed custom designed WordPress website
  • Executed ongoing local SEO strategy
  • Improved Google My Business listings
  • Built relevant backlinks from legal sites
  • 321% increase in overall website traffic within 5 months

Plumbing Company – 278 New Customers in 8 Months

  • Created new mobile-responsive company website
  • Implemented effective SEO on-page optimizations
  • Ranked #1 for competitive local terms like “Marietta plumber”
  • Drove 278 additional customers and $72,000 within 8 months

Contact Factorial Digital Today for a Free Digital Marketing Audit and Proposal

Ready to gain a competitive advantage and boost your bottom line in 2024? Call Factorial Digital for a free digital marketing audit and proposal.

During your no-obligation audit, our team of Marietta marketing experts will:

  • Thoroughly evaluate your current website design, SEO strategy, content marketing, online reputation and advertising efforts
  • Identify gaps preventing your SMB from reaching its revenue goals
  • Provide science-backed recommendations for capturing growth opportunities
  • Review proven solutions and pricing customized for your business
  • Deliver a free 10-page digital marketing proposal detailing our strategic approach to driving sales

Claim your free digital marketing audit today to uncover new opportunities for connecting with customers and outpacing competitors. Our team is ready to schedule your consultation and leverage our expertise to take your Marietta small business or medium-sized company to the next level this year!


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Take your digital presence to the next level with our team of savvy web experts. For over 15 years, we have been crafting custom strategies that deliver real results for today’s leading brands. Our integrated services combine award-winning web designs, targeted SEO, and revenue-focused web development.

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