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Cross-device visitor journeys de-mystified

Follow cross-device user journeys

Your customers no longer view your content on just one device, but connecting the multiple touch-points of their journey has been almost impossible without log-in details. Marketers, publishers and eCommerce sites have striven for years to create a single customer view so they can understand how customers behave throughout their entire digital journey. Netbiscuits Visitor ID makes that dream a reality.

In today’s multi-device world, unless a visitor logs in to your website, you lose sight of them every time they switch devices, change browsers, clear out their cookies or decline cookies in the first place. So we developed a solution which allows you to keep sight of them without relying on just cookies. Now you can increase engagement and conversion by delivering a consistent content experience and user journey across all the devices your visitors use.

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Follow a customer’s journey across devices

When a visitor changes devices, they effectively become unknown and their interaction data and visitor history is lost. Netbiscuits Visitor ID enables you to keep hold of this valuable insight and link it together across feature phones, smartphones, tablets, PCs, connected TVs, wearables and more. And because Visitor ID persists even when visitors clear their cookies, you build a more accurate and detailed view of the customer over time.

Visitor ID is longer-lasting than simply using cookies and event tags. It builds a visitor profile across multiple devices and a customer behaviour history which persists even when cookies are lost. Now you can piece together a cross-device view of customer preferences and content performance to provide the most personalized customer experience ever.

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The product features in full

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